With the addition of semi-dedicated servers to the list of services offered in Australia, you can now expand your reach by addressing the needs of more demanding websites.

New option for deploying semi-dedicated servers in Australia

Last week, our admins were busy configuring server packages in our partnering data centres in Europe. They deployed semi-dedicated and OpenVZ VPS packages in Finland and in Eastern Europe, as well as semi-dedicated packages in the UK and in the TelePoint data centre in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This week, they also added semi-dedicated servers to the data center in Australia!

Improve your website responsiveness for your visitors in Australia, Oceania and Asia region

From today, site owners who run more complex sites such as resource-consuming blogs or traffic-hungry e-stores, will be able to seamlessly move to a more powerful web hosting solution with a click of the mouse.

New option for selecting semi-dedicated servers in the Australia datacentre added to the sign up form

Since the semi-dedicated servers are based on the same cloud hosting platform that is implemented on our shared hosting servers, you will be able to quickly upgrade to a semi-dedicated server by just opening a ticket from your Web Hosting Control Panel. Our technicians will allocate the new extra resources to your account in a matter of minutes and let you know as soon as it is ready.

Key highlights of our Australian data centre

SIS Group – the Australian data centre that we have partnered with, is located in the business district of Sydney. It is a perfect hosting choice for customers from Australia, New Zealand, the islands of Oceania and South-east Asia.

The facility relies on redundant high-speed Internet connections and is well-equipped to handle high volumes of traffic from the area and abroad.

Strict temperature and humidity control equipment, water detection systems, security controls and powerful backup power supplies guarantee the continuous flow of customers’ data.

Just to remind you, here’s a brief overview of its main advantages:
  • 24×7 Onsite Security
  • Raised Computer Room Flooring
  • Multiple UPS Systems
  • Backup Diesel Generators
  • Dark Fibre Connectivity
  • Fire Protection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Rack Mount Equipment
  • Desktop Equipment
  • Device Monitoring
  • Load Balancing
  • Tape Rotation and Offsite Storage
  • Online Data Backups
  • Remote Hands

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  • AUD $63.01 each Semi-Dedicated 1
  • AUD $189.03 each Budget
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